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Navid Soud Zenderod

Navid Soud Zenderod Elevator Engineering Company


Dear employer:
Navid Soud Zenderod Company has a long history of serving our dear compatriots in Isfahan province and has obtained all official licenses in Iran’s elevator industry, such as
• Elevator design and assembly license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade
• Member of Isfahan Province Elevator Union
• Official membership of Iran Elevator and Escalator Industry Syndicate (ISEEI)
• Obtaining a license to produce elevators and lifts
• Member of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce
• Obtaining a quality certificate from the Technical and Vocational Education Organization of the country
• Hereby, while introducing its services, it announces the amount of the proposed price of an elevator device according to your order as described in the attachment.

• Visits and free technical advice in all stages of the project
• Supervision of all stages of design and implementation by experienced experts and engineers
• Calculating the amount of traffic and selecting the type, capacity and number of elevators required for the project
• Design and construction of special cabins according to customer needs

• Warranty of all elevator parts for 18 months
• Supply of required parts and spare parts for 10 years
• The ability to provide 24-hour service and maintenance services if the customer needs
• Providing 12-month accident and elevator liability insurance to customers

Address: No18, Hakim Nezami , Isfahan, Isfahan

Contact number: 03136240558-09133890015

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No18, Hakim Nezami , Isfahan, Iran